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February 2012
This is my last day in Cape Town sadly. I have had an excellent three months of solid training in the fantastic surroundings of South Africa with Ben Farrell, my UK training partner. We have both made huge gains in strength and fitness and for me this has been a far better winter season of preparation compared to last year when I was mainly in a sling! When we get back to the cold of the UK, it will be into the next phase of race preparation training when we start to see the benefits from the huge volumes of work we have put in out here. It is certainly going to be tough returning to England, not just because of the weather, but also leaving my South African wife and one year old daughter for another few weeks before they return to the UK. They have looked after Ben and I incredibly well, keeping us well fed and entertained! All focus now is on for the upcoming racing season through to the Olympic Games. We have one more warm weather camp which will be in Seville, Spain before domestic racing starts in April.
20th February 2012
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