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December 2006
I'm in sunny South Africa now since 9th December for 3 weeks of hard training in warm weather. Staying with 'Graeme Solomon Party legend' at his amazing house in Cape Town, on the side of the lake (Zandvlei) and Marina de Gama (see photo's here). He is more of a training legend at this time of year and we are doing lots of good sessions. It's great being able to walk out of the back of his house, down the garden and get straight into my boat and go training.
We won a 10km double surfski race last Sunday out of Fish Hoek beach. It was a lot of fun getting to paddle out on the sea in some rough conditions and ride the swell. Surf ski racing is very popular here and something i'd certainly like to do more of.
13th December 2006

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7th December 2006
The last few weeks of training has been going well and we are all seeing improvements. This afternoon we had a special session of land based cross country ski training. The idea was to learn a bit more about technique and skating styles before we go to altitude in January to do the cross country skiing for real. It was fun and useful but quite hard to get the hang of. Everyone was doing well by the end of the session. A few photos here.
On Friday I head of to South Africa for a three week training camp, can't wait!
5th December 2006
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