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February 2008
Training is going really well in Seville and the weather has been great so far. Southern Alps, a company who make top quality dried fruit based products has kindly agreed to sponsor me with their foods. They already support three other top kayakers on the GB team. It is really good stuff, ideal for breakfast and snacking between sessions. Check out their website here or via the sponsors page.
24th February 2008
Now in Seville for the first of three, three week training camps here. The weather is pretty good for the time of year and it's good to be back into another focussed block of training. Have a really nice new K1 from Nelo which feels and looks great on the water.
The Thule competition winners have been selected and the winners have received their prizes. Congratulations to Oier from Surrey and Damien from Lancashire. Many thanks to Thule for their support and for providing the prizes. I hope to run another competition in the summer time.
14th February 2008

I am now in Oslo for 3 days to meet up with some of the Norwegian Olympic kayakers and to do some cross country skiing with Jacob Norenberg. Not only is he a very good paddler but he is annoyingly fast on the skis too! Had a really good two hours out on the tracks this morning and i'm slowly getting the hang of it again. I think Jacob must have put oil on my skis though because I kept slipping going uphill and he was fine! Really nice contrast from the hot sun of South Africa to be training in sub zero temperatures now. Some photos here.

4th February 2008
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