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August 2006
Check out the final of the K1 1000m at the WorldChampionships 2006.
29th August 2006
After the World Championships is time to let the body recover for a few weeks whilst not having to train. It is also time to do some more of the fun things that we miss out on the rest of the year. Coming home from the Worlds with a good result means I feel I have earnt the time off! So far I have fitted in a quick two day surf trip to North Yorkshire followed by my future brother-in-laws excellent bachelor day out sea fishing. A good day until I became sea sick for the first time ever. Managed to catch the first fish of the day which I think was due to growing a comedy fishing beard. See the photo gallery for more pictures.
28th August 2006
Last day of the Worlds. Was nice to relax and enjoy watching the rest of the racing. Ed Cox and Ed McKeever raced really well in a strong 200m final to finish 4th. It has been an excellent World Championships to compete in, not just because of the result but the atmosphere was amazing the whole time. For full results see the official website
I am looking forward to having the next few weeks off training doing some active recovery and look forward to start training again to hopefully improve on this season.
21st August 2006
World Silver medallist!!! Today was 1000m finals day. For television reasons the finals were held in the afternoon instead of the morning like normal. The wind was blowing across from lane 9 side as forecast, unfortunately favouring that side of the course being more sheltered by the grandstands. I had an excellent race in lane 3 between the Russian and the Canadian, Adam Van Koeverden. Adam went out hard and I paced myself off him, sticking to my usual race plan. Down the last 250 metres I just put my head down and gave it everything to pull past and cross the line second. It was an amazingly close race, 0.06sec of 1st (Marcus Oscarrson, Sweden) and 0.02 infront of 3rd place (my training partner for the last 5 months, Ben Fouhy, New Zealand). The three of us were fairly clearly in the medals but I had no idea which colour when crossing the line. I am very happy with the result, my first Worlds sprint medal and the first one for GBR since 1997. I am a little disappointed to be so close to winning and not actually becoming World Champion....yet!
21st August 2006
Another good day, won my semi final and so through to the final. Felt quite comfortable racing. Will be a tough final tomorrow, I feel there are probably five of us in with the best chance for the three medals. Hopefully the conditions will remain fair although the forecast tomorrow is for more of a cross wind which can favour one side of the course or the other. A few more pictures added today in the Worlds gallery.
18th August 2006
I went to the opening ceremony yesterday evening, probably the best one I have ever been to. Talented performers, bar one singer! It gave a real feel for just how big the Worlds are in Hungary as every seat was taken.
A good start to racing today, everyone is through to the semifinals. I won my heat comfortably and have a reasonably good semi draw tomorrow morning with the main competition coming from the Swedish and Spanish paddlers.
Happy Birthday to my sister Clare today!
17th August 2006
We arrived in Szeged yesterday afternoon. The course looks great, loads of spectator seating as they are expecting up to 60 000 spectators for the finals at the weekend. Looks like there will be good Eurosport TV coverage as there are lots of cameras including overhead ones on wires and a waterside camera on rails for the last 200m.
Really like racing here in Hungary, the atmosphere is amazing as it is such a popular sport.
Picked up my two new sponsored Nelo K1s this morning, they look brilliant and are so well made (see pictures in gallery). I will be racing the Union Jack one tomorrow morning, Heat 7 of the K1 1000m at 0920hrs.
For up to the minute results and timetable see
16th August 2006
Well we have reached the end of our training camp in Dunavarsany and leave tomorrow for the two hour drive to Szeged. The World Championships start on 17th August and I am pleased with the way preparation has gone so far. I am also looking forward to getting my new sponsored Nelo K1 to race!
14th August 2006
New photos added to the Dunavarsany gallery today. Some not the best quality as they are stills from video footage. Training still going well, weather improving, food staying the same!
10th August 2006
The mens team arrived here in Dunavarsany, Hungary on 30th July to focus on our training in the build up to the World Championships being held in Szeged 17-20th August.
Training here with Ben Farrell, Ed Cox and Ed McKeever. Everyone is going really well coached by Alex Nikonorov and we are all recording good times on the water.
5th August 2006
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5th August 2006
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