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November 2006

Babak and I finished 6th K2 yesterday in the Ardeche Marathon. A fantastic race with stunning scenery and around 1800 participants. We had perpared well and it felt comfortable in the K2 with Babak. No amount of preparation could have prevented us putting a hole in the boat after only 2km and the pump breaking. The resulting intake of water caused us to drop off the front group and a very heavy feeling boat. I still really enjoyed the trip but for athletes like ourselves, anything less than a win is disappointing. I will definately be back to do the race again, maybe K4 next time, so could be looking for two other paddlers! For a few photos of the river we raced on click here.

12th November 2006
This coming Saturday I am racing the Ardeche marathon in the south of France. I will be in the back of a K2 with Babak Amir-Tahmasseb, a talented French kayaker who has a good white water background before turning to sprint racing. Leaving today for Paris on the Eurostar before the six hour drive tomorrow to the Ardeche region. For those of you who can speak French, have a look at the website for the race here.
8th November 2006
My Goodness Ltd have just agreed to sponsor me with products from their 'For Goodness Shakes!' range. These are quality, tasty nutritious milkshakes in three flavours. They are specifically designed for recovery after sport, but double as a healthy snack when i'm on the go. Check out their website by clicking here.
4th November 2006
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