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July 2009
I've just got back from competing in the 43rd annual Sark to Jersey race on Saturday. 51 boats started from Dixcart Bay, Sark to compete over the 19 mile race which takes you around past the Paternosters to finish in Bonne Nuit Bay. I was lucky to be in the Mazars Channel Island Ltd quad with a great crew of three experienced ocean rowers (Carl Clinton, Simon Haywood and Guy Hinks) and cox Emma. Conditions were fairly hot and flat, but slow due to the wind direction and tide. We finished in 7th place overall in 2hrs 12mins. Congratulations to the FRM Guernsey crew who won the race, 12 minutes ahead of us. I really enjoyed the experience and hope to race it again, maybe in a surf ski next time! Many thanks to Ian Blandin for organising the event and to Andy the paramedic who provided the guard boat 'Good Job' to follow our crew and tow the boat to the start. Thanks also to Concept II for lending me a rowing ergo to be able to train for the race, it did the trick! You can see a few pictures here and a video clip from the race here. I'd highly recommend anyone with an interest in rowing to have a go at the race next year. Apparently I am the first Olympic Gold medallist to take part in the race! I'm away again from 8th July for a few days for a few more races including three triathlons.
6th July 2009
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