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December 2010
In Cape Town now for winter training. Great to get away from the cold weather in the UK at the moment with all the snow and frozen lakes. I love spending time training here and eating lots of good quality meat cooked on the BBQ! The weather has been fantastic and looks set to continue. I also received a new Nelo Vanquish 3 for training in here. Seat and footrest in same positions as at home and it feels exactly right. The quality of their boats never ceases to amaze me. I also have a Nelo surfski here too which I am looking forward to using as well as sharing with the huge surfski community here so they can try it out. Have several people here I can train with and it is always good to see how passionate everyone is about paddling. 

One of the best things about being here at the moment is that BMW have kindly lent me one of their top of the range X5's to use while here, amazing car thank you very much!
14th December 2010
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