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January 2007

We had an excellent two week camp in Seville instead of the cancelled ski trip. The weather was very kind to us and we were able to get a really high volume of good quality training done. I feel i've made some good gains in fitness over the winter. This really showed with how well I felt I could cope with the volume of training we are doing. This coming Saturday we return to Seville for 10 days, which I am looking forward to. Photo's from the Seville camps are here!

30th January 2007

Right now I should be in Font Romeau cross country skiing at altitude. Unfortunately, as with many resorts in the Pyrenees, there is absolutely no snow on the tracks we were to be using and none forecast for the next two weeks! This camp was sensibly cancelled as it would not have been beneficial to have travelled there and not ski. We're all obviously quite dissapointed but are lucky as we are being sent to Seville for two weeks instead.

9th January 2007
Arrived back from Cape Town on New Years eve. The three weeks passed all too quickly. Really trained well there, many thanks to Graeme for having me to stay. Over Christmas time we went to Hermanus for a few days. It's a stunning area of coastline about an hour from Cape Town along the East coast. There's a large lagoon there to train on as well as a nice river. Only managed to go surfing a couple of times with Dawid Mocke, an excelent surfski paddler, surfer and canoeist. All in all an excellent trip where I feel I have made good gains in fitness as well as tan!
In 5 days time we head out to Font Romeau for 3 weeks altitude training involving cross country skiing, swimming and weights, can't wait! Here is the link for the website where we are going.
2nd January 2007
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