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March 2010
Every day when i'm up at 6am to get ready for training, the weather forecaster informs me that it will be another cold day, when is winter going to make way for spring??? There's been a few beautiful days so far when the sun is out, but still cold! 

Training is going very well and I feel my body is developing well. Eric my coach is starting to introduce some more speed work and I am confident everything is heading in the right direction. I've been getting regular adjustments at Putney Chiropractic to keep my body in good shape despite all the hard work I am putting it through. Today I received a fantastic new Garmin Forerunner 310XT. I already use a Forerunner 305 and this is an upgraded version with many useful new features. I use it on every water and running session and can download all the data wirelessly onto my laptop. 

On Sunday I go to my first training camp for a while in Seville. Really looking forward to training as part of the team again in some warm weather and developing my speed work. 
10th March 2010
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